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Welcome to the Workman Township Website

We are pleased to have this available for our township residents, and others who may be interested in the activities of our township. As we go along we will be making improvements and additions to our website. We will appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Mission Statment:  Workman Township is dedicated to providing safe travel to its citizens and visitors throughout the year. We invite everyone traveling to enjoy the beauty of our township including woods and wildlife, lakes and rivers.

Workman Township is located in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The township was named for a pioneer settler, borders the west side of Big Sandy Lake and the Sandy Lake flowage.

As of the U.S. Census of 2010, the population was 207; the median age was 52; and the median income was $44,688.

Website Visits:  3,182 in 2018; 5,585 in 2017; 1.411 in 2016

Workman Township Updates

FEMA and TOWNSHIP ROADS:  Workman Township has now completed all the flood repair from the damage caused earlier this year and all paperwork has now been submitted to FEMA. We anticipate repayment in January. We are hoping that the completed work will greatly reduce road flooding in the future.

FALL 2018 ROAD CHECK:  The Fall township road inspection was completed on Friday, November 2, 2018. We are still seeing overall positive improvement in our roads, ditches and culverts. Because of the flooding caused by heavy rainfall in June and July of this year most of the repair work involved Grouse Street.

We have two signs that have bullet holes in them and we have another location where the sign and post were stolen. The stolen sign and post have been replaced. Work on removing trees in ditch right-of-way and cleaning/replacing culverts is an ongoing process. We anticipate replacing three culverts in 2019. Workman Township has no minimum maintenance roads any more. We also have no bridges in the township. Calcium Chloride will again be applied to selected roads in 2019.

HIGH SPEED INTERNET:  While there has been some progress in high speed internet service, mainly along Highway 65 in Workman Township by SCI, there is still a lot of work to be done to have high speed internet in the entire township. Frontier Communications was scheduled to place high speed cable on Grouse Street from Hwy 65 to 240th Place in 2018. The work has not been completed and likely will be completed in 2019. We are planning on meeting with SCI, another cable company installing high speed internet cable in the area.

TOWNSHIP ELECTIONS:  Elections have been completed and incumbent supervisor Fred Kamrowski was reelected. Our current township clerk, Marlys Knutson, did not seek reelection. Wanda Essen filed for the office and was elected as our clerk starting in January 2019. We wish Wanda much success in her new role and thank Marlys for her years of dedicated service to our township.

TOWNSHIP MEETINGS:  Starting on November 21st Workman Township will be holding their monthly meetings at the Palisade Community Center/Firehall. The monthly meeting is still the third Wednesday but the time (4 p.m.) and location, Palisade Community Center/Firehall (106 7th Avenue) has changed. The Community Center is a a heated, well lighted facility with indoor plumbing. Posting will continue to be placed in the Aitkin Age, Sathers Store, Workman Township Hall, and Palisade Community Center/Firehall.

MAT ANNUAL MEETING:  Workman Township is a member of the Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT); Chairman Jim Berg and Supervisor Fred Kamrowski attended the Annual Meeting in Duluth (Nov 15-17). The meeting provided valuable information on various township subjects.

HELICOPTER LANDING ZONE:  Discussion with Aitkin County officials has begun concerning have an area designated for landing/takeoff for emergency medical helicopters. Workman Township will consult with other nearby townships and Aitkin County to determine what would be the most suitable location for this landing zone.

CEMETERY:  The initial computer work for Lakeview Cemetery has been completed and treasurer Betty Berg has taken over the responsibility of maintaining the computer records. Supervisor Fred Kamrowski is still in charge of the cemetery site. While we planted approximately 30 new trees in the cemetery, one of the stately pine trees recently went down after a very windy day. We are still in the process of cleaning up the trunk, limbs, and branches.

In addition, Mille Lacs Energy Co-op has agreed to place a yard light on the power line post directly across from our cemetery.  This nighttime illumination should improve the visibility of our cemetery at night.

SNOW REMOVAL:  Snow and cold season is here. Darlow Excavating is again contracted to do snowplowing in our township. They have added a wing to their plow truck which should make our roads easier to navigate.

Three inches of level snow on the roads is required before snowplowing starts. Roads are plowed with the most heavily populated roads plowed first. A salt/sand mix is applied at selected locations on township roads. We have requested that Darlow Excavating plow Workman Township roads as early as possible after snowfall stops.

It is unlawful for anyone to deposit snow or ice in a public road or right-of-way or otherwise obstruct a public road (Minn Stat. ss 160.27 sub 5(a)(1); 169.42 Sub d.1)

SCHOLARSHIPS:  Junior and senior high school students living in Workman Township are eligible to compete for scholarships, including:

1)  Minnesota Association of Townships Scholarship. Scholarship is for $1,000 but must apply during junior year in school.

2)  Irene Bright Scholarship sponsored by Aitkin County Association of Townships. Scholarship is for $1,000 and students apply during senior year.

3)  Palisade Fire District Scholarship. Scholarship is for $1,000 and seniors living in Workman Township qualify.

4)  Lake Country Power Coop Scholarship. January is scholarship month at Lake Country Power Coop. The eastern half of our township  is serviced by Lake Country Power Coop. $4,000 scholarships for either college or technical school at $1,000 per year are available for up to 30 students. Application closing is January 31, 2019. Please visit for additional information.

Each of the scholarships can be used for academic or vocational programs. Please see your high school counselor or contact Workman Township for more information or application forms.

ELECTIONS:  As of the 2018 November Elections, Workman Township had 140 registered voters. Mail in balloting exceeded what the previous election voting had been at the townhall.