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Welcome to the Workman Township Website

We are pleased to have this available for our township residents, and others who may be interested in the activities of our township. As we go along we will be making improvements and additions to our website. We will appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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Workman Township is located in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The township was named for a pioneer settler, borders the west side of Big Sandy Lake and the Sandy Lake flowage.

As of the U.S. Census of 2010, the population was 207; the median age was 52; and the median income was $44,688.

Workman Township 2016 Year in Review

2016 has been a year of many changes for Workman Township. All have been implemented with the intent of making our local township government more effective for the residents of our township.

In January of 2016 the Board of Appeal and Equalization duties were transferred to Aitkin County. Participation on the Township level was very low, so the transfer to county has eliminated training of supervisors for the duties as well as eliminating cost of holding the review. The Board of Appeal and Equalization will now be held at the Courthouse in the Assessor’s office. This year is set for May 4, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Our then current CTAS accounting program, which is the state system used by the clerk, became obsolete early this year and was no longer supported by the state. It has been updated to the current version.

In April 2016, we held a special meeting to begin the process of updating our election system. Many factors were taken into consideration with the decisions that were made. Two resolutions have since been passed by the board. The first was moving the Township election to November to co-inside with the other elections. This resolution if passed by our voters will eliminate cost involved with the March yearly election, a portion of which has already been removed with the passing of resolution #2, which switches our on-site balloting to mail-in balloting. This resolution is taking effect with our 2018 elections and eliminates the expense of training judges, on-site judges and other election connected expense, one of which would be our current voting machine, which would require replacement with a new machine in the amount of about $5000. There will still be election expense, but the elections will be conducted by the county and we will be billed for our portion of costs.

In July of 2016 a special meeting was held to address updating obsolete materials for Township practices. Updating of our cemetery rules and regulations took place, along with the production of a pamphlet to bring awareness to the community of its existence. These have been placed at our funeral homes in Aitkin and McGregor as well as local churches who do not have a cemetery. Each member of the board has received folders with updated information on our contact lists, pay rates, map, and Resource Directory, which is to be updated as needed. The final purpose of this meeting was to draft an agenda for a Township Service Day.

Our website ( was activated in June allowing our residents an option for keeping up with what is taking place in our township. Minutes are being posted monthly along with miscellaneous notices and items

Additional landscaping continues to take place at our cemetery with the additional of a hedge, wings added to the entrance sign, removal of problem trees and miscellaneous maintenance.

A new bulletin station has been placed at Sathers allowing the posting of more information on township events.

Workman incurred damage from two storms this summer with wind and flooding. Chairman James Berg worked with Minnesota Disaster Relief of Minnesota and Workman was given $19,286.81 in disaster relief.

On August 14, 2016, our supervisors hosted our first “Workman Township Service Day” with a number of services available to both our residents as well as the surrounding area. We offered a water analysis test, with a $10 discount for Workman residents, signups for septic tank inspections, no-cost home energy audits, outdated drug collection, hearing aid, cell phone and computer battery collection, along with used hearing aids and eyeglass donations. Our service day resulted in Workman Township receiving a Local Government Innovation Award (LGIA) award. These awards have been presented to local governments for the past ten years by Humphrey School of Public Affairs and made possible by the Bush Foundation.

In October 2016, a letter was sent to all agencies involved with the snowmobiling trails in our area. The board decided it was in the best interest of our residences on Grouse Street that the portion designated as part of the official snowmobile trail in the October 3, 1977 contract be cancelled. Grouse Street is now a maintained road all the way through and for safety it was decided this was necessary. This merely removes Grouse Street from the trail.

Ideas and suggestions from our residents are always welcome.

- Marlys Knutson, Clerk