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Lakeview Cemetery

HISTORY:  Lakeview Cemetery located in Workman Township (not to be confused with Lakeview Cemetery in Aitkin Township) was discussed by the Board of Supervisors at their April 2015 meeting concerning upgrades that would enhance the cemetery appearance. Work began with a thorough brushing and tree trimming, leveling of soil in parts of the cemetery, and realigning some of the headstones and markers that were no longer level or straight. A new metal arch was erected over the main entrance. The arch was fabricated by Al's Welding and Sandblasting of Aitkin. In addition a flagpole was placed on either side of the arch. One flagpole displays the United States flag and the Prisoner of War flag. The other flagpole has the State of Minnesota flag and the Aitkin County flag. Both flagpoles have solar lighting so that the flags are illuminated when it is dark. This is a big improvement for the cemetery with much better identification and appearance.

Lakeview Cemetery has undergone additional improvements since Memorial Day 2017 with the addition of two large flower containers, several benches, and a reflection and meditation area. Workman Township thanks Lu Kamrowski and Betty Berg for the attractive placement of flowers in the containers.

In the summer of 2018, Lakeview Cemetery had a number of the large, old trees succumb to age, disease, and falling due to high winds. The township board made a decision to add over 30 trees to the cemetery including a number of different species. Varieties planted included:  Red Oak, Sugar Maple, American Redbud, Silver Maple, Norway Pine, Spruce, White Oak, Birch, Poplar, and Willow.  Several of these trees show beautiful red leaves in the Fall which should make our cemetery more attractive and colorful. We have just completed leveling and straightening of the headstones in the cemetery. Our next step will be to do some cleaning of several headstones. The hedge we planted last year that fronts the cemetery is growing nicely and should also add to the appeal of the cemetery in the coming years.

Lakeview Cemetery was established in 1903 and is approximately two acres. It has a number of tall, majestic pine trees on the cemetery and is surrounded by a nice grove of oak, birch and other tree varieties on the three sides of the cemetery. Many relatives and friends of individuals buried at the cemetery decorate the gravesite with flowers and pennants making the cemetery even more attractive. The township also maintains a container of colorful flowers.
Anyone, whether a resident of Workman Township or not, may be buried at the cemetery. The cemetery provides for both traditional burial and cremation urns. For additional information on the cemetery and cost for a plot you can call 218-426-4301 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Workman Township.

MEMORIAL DAY SERVICE - May 28, 2018:  On a sunny Memorial Day afternoon McGregor American Legion and Auxiliary and McGregor VFW and Auxiliary conducted services at the gravesite of Korean War Veteran Purl M. Ashton Jr. at Lakeview Cemetery in Workman Township. Approximately 30 citizens observed the ceremony including relatives of Purl M. Ashton Jr.

Legion Commander Bob Johnson gave a rousing speech concerning the importance of remembering our fallen military. American Legion Chaplain John Brady conducted the Invocation. Buglers Andy Wilson and Jim Tourville buggled the mournful sound of taps. Dale Wayrynen American Legion Post 23 and Larson-Deneen VFW Post 2747, both of McGregor, have been performing Gravesite Services since 2017 at Lakeview Cemetery on Memorial Day. Workman Township and Lakeview Cemetery sincerely appreciate the joint efforts of both the McGregor American Legion and Auxiliary and McGregor VFW and Auxiliary in conducting an outstanding ceremony.

This is planned to be an ongoing annual event. Plans are already under way for the Memorial Day Service in 2019.

Below are photos from the 2018 Memorial Day Service. Click on an image to enlarge.

LOCATION: The cemetery is located east of the township hall at 23647 480th Street, McGregor, MN.