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Memorial Day Service 2017

Lakeview Cemetery in Workman Township had a Memorial Day Service which is considered the first time in recent history. Lakeview Cemetery has recently completed some major upgrades with a recently added Meditation and Recollection Area with benches and several large flower containers where relatives and friends can spend time reflecting on their experiences with the deceased.

At 1:30 Monday – Memorial Day – with rain threatening, the combined McGregor VFW and American Legion gave a very professional and impressive service. Legion Chaplain John Brady started the ceremony with an appropriate prayer. Legion Commander Bobby Johnson gave a patriotic speech reminding everyone of the sacrifices of our American military. Dale Hansen, son of George Hansen the veteran being honored at the Memorial Day Service, was selected to carry the MIA/POW flag.

Memorial Day Services are planned to be an annual event at Lakeview Cemetery in Workman Township.