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Township Meetings and Budget

Next Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 19th, 2021 (4 pm) at the Minnesota National Golf Course Club House. 

The public is welcome to attend Workman Township meetings. If you have something for the agenda, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (218-821-0178) a week prior to the meeting date.

Meeting Minutes

View the most recent meeting minutes (PDF format) - November 2021.

The attached minutes are for information only and are not considered an "Official" copy. Official copies may be obtained from the Township Clerk. If you have questions, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (218-821-0178).

Annual Operating Budget

2021 Workman Township Operating Budget, as approved at our Annual Meeting. To view the current year budget - click here.

Workman Township Board

township board

First Row: Wanda Essen, Clerk, Jim Berg, Chairman, Betty Berg, Treasurer. Second Row: Marvin Ketola, Supervisor, Marvin Hosten, Supervisor.

Workman Township Year in Review 2019

JANUARY: The end of December and most of January had severe weather conditions including several strong snow storms, cold weather, and a few higher temperatures which after dropping caused many of our roads to be ice covered. To reduce these icy conditions, the county snowplow with a special ice breaking blade was brought in to reduce the icy conditions on several roads. Newly elected township clerk Wanda Essen began her duties. Incumbent supervisor Fred Kamrowski was re-elected and sworn in to continue his duties. Our snowplow contractor has added a wing to his plowtruck and this has helped our roads.

During the month of FEBRUARY, we voted to extend our rent of the Palisade Community Center/Firehall at $25.00 per month for another 12 months starting in April. Discussion among the supervisors concerning spring flooding was made. During the meeting the reorganization meeting was also held with no changes other than to allow the roads supervisor to spend up to $1,000 per month for necessary road repair/improvement without board approval. The Board of Audit was also held during the February meeting. The combined board also felt that the township levy for 2019 should be at $84,000.

MARCH activities included both the annual meeting on Tuesday, March 12th and the monthly meeting on March 20th. The March Annual Meeting had the five board members in attendance along with 6 citizens. The annual financial report and audit as well as the board recommended levy was approved by the electors. The Monthly March meeting involved discussion on when the anticipated FEMA funds would be received. Discussion among supervisors was made concerning road conditions and flooding. Several frost boils are starting to form. Signing has been erected at the frost boils and our contractor has poured large rocks into the boils in an attempt to stabilize the road. A resolution was prepared and sent to the Aitkin County Land Commissioner concerning making additional state land in the township available for recreation.

The APRIL meeting also continued on road conditions with wet conditions slowing the recovery of several of our roads to good driving condition. Road inspection is scheduled for May 9th. Aitkin County will not complete the rebuilding of County Road 3 from our townhall to State Highway 65 this year. FEMA has yet to send us a payment. Memorial Day plans for May in Lakeview Cemetery are underway with major cleanup to start after the cemetery grounds are dry enough.

The MAY meeting included more concerns about frost boils on two spots on Grouse Street. Additional large rock has been added to the two spots. The McGregor VFW and American Legion along with their Auxilaries will conduct ceremonies at the graveside of a veteran. We have secured a McGregor School graduating senior to play patriotic music. Discussion concerning purchasing a snow plowtruck from the Minnesota Department of Transportation was made. A review of our snowplow expenses will be made at our next meeting.

The JUNE meeting included appreciation of the fine efforts of the performers and strong attendance at our Memorial Day services. The check from FEMA has finally been received. Paperwork on the previous costs of having independent contractors do our snowplowing was reviewed. A discussion followed with a decision made to contact Mn DOT on the availability and cost of a used plowtruck. The Board also voted to join the Minnesota Cemetery Association.

During JULY attention was given to road work and class 5 gravel placement. The township roads are now in good condition. Several culverts have been replaced and several new culverts added. A purchase price was agreed upon with Mn DOT for a used snow plow truck. Independent inspection showed the unit to be in good condition with minor upgrading needed. The clerk and treasurer attended a training meeting sponsored by MAT at Breezy Point.

AUGUST activities included culvert cleaning, brushing, and tree removal on selected roads. A problem with the engine on our motor grader will result in an approximate $2,000 cost to repair. A class on snowplowing in Walker was attended by our recently hired snowplow driver and supervisors Holsten and Berg. A long-term employee contract for snowplowing was completed.

SEPTEMBER activities included plans for fall cleanup. The grader has been repaired and is working properly. Cemetery cleanup is underway. A weed, Creeping Charlie, has started along the northwest corner of the cemetery and we are attempting to eradicate it. Discussion was made about installing a solar yard light at the town hall. Chairman Berg will take our snowplow operator on a tour of the roads to be plowed along with preferred route pattern.

During OCTOBER MAT trainer Lori Stalker met with our clerk and treasurer to cover updating on CTAS and PERA. Supervisor Kamrowski reported that new flags will be needed for the cemetery for next year. A discussion was held with the McGregor American Legion concerning having a Veteran’s Memorial installed at Lakeview Cemetery. A fall township road inspection was scheduled for October 21st.

The NOVEMBER meeting involved McGregor Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kari Hobacz who spoke to the board concerning a lodging tax for temporary lodging operators in our Township. Shamrock Township has had this program for over a year. She reported that the Minnesota National Golf Course and Larson’s Barn are in favor. The funds raised will be used for advertising the greater McGregor area. This will be covered and voted at our annual meeting. Discussion on having a helicopter landing zone in our township for emergencies is ongoing.

Finally, DECEMBER brought an end to a busy year for the township. There have been several areas of improvement including roads and additional equipment to assist our township to be more efficient. Our Memorial Day Program has grown and received many positive comments, Movement of our meetings to Palisade Community Center/Firehall has met with approval, and continued training has enabled the entire board to do a better job for its citizens.

Lastly, Workman Township is very proud of our website. Our website was started in late April 2016 with 1,411 views for the first year. For the year ending 2019 we had 7,770 unique visitors. This is a very significant increase. Residents in our township, surrounding area, and possibility worldwide have visited our site. We are continually working to add information that is of value to our residents and visitors alike. In 2019 a Business Directory section was added to our website.